1. Select Your Tax Year

Download our instruction packet to help you gather your data for the year(s) you need to file.

2. Send Us Your Documents

Scan, email, fax or snail mail us your questionnaire along with your supporting documents. We’ll start working on your return(s) as soon as it’s received.

3. Answer Follow Up Questions

We’ll communicate with you throughout the process and clarify any questions we may have. Once everything is “understood” and entered into your return, you’re one step away from being IRS compliant!

4. Sign & Mail

Prior year tax returns cannot be e-filed. We’ll send you a copy to sign and then we’ll mail your return to the IRS or state.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Jared called me in a few mins after we put in a request to file the taxes. Since then he was very responsive at every stage of the process. He was available almost 24 x 7. He corrected few mistakes associated with the state tax withholding and told me how to avoid these mistakes in the future. He handled complications associated with multiple state tax returns for me and my spouse. He completed everything in time to file the taxes before the due date (Apr. 15th). Overall he did a fantastic job in filing tax returns. Thanks, Jared, for your services!
S. Nadgir
Jared Rogers is amazing. He walked me through the process and patiently helped me better understand what was necessary to get the IRS taken care of. I would recommend him to anyone any day of the week.
V. Woods, Woods Digital Solutions
Our preparer was very friendly and got back to me quickly with answers to my questions. I appreciated thier knowledge and willingness to help me.
D. Jeffery
Fast response and great communication.
V. Parachuri
The best place to get your taxes done hands down. Even moving to Brooklyn did not stop me from being a loyal customer.
Sonya F.

Got IRS Debt?

Our “IRS Rescue Squad” can represent you before the IRS and resolve your back tax issues once and for all!  These licensed professionals can:

  • Talk to the IRS so you don’t have to.
  • Work to stop wage garnishments.
  • Stop tax liens, levies and seizures being enforced by the IRS.
  • Work to reduce or eliminate the penalties being enforced by the IRS.
  • Help you obtain a “formal” resolution to your IRS matter.